We recently had the privilege of assisting with a music video shoot for the band Secret Eyes. 323 provided the production crew with RED Epic equipment and served as the on-set DIT for the video, which was expertly directed by Alan Jaskiewicz alongside DP Michael Hartnett. Rob Griffith served as the Producer/AD.

The band’s song “Ships” (which can be heard here) features a cameo appearance by Craig Mabbitt of Escape the Fate. Appropriately, a wooden ship set was constructed inside of a bike park called the Wheel Mill. The set was built in such a way that it could even be rocked — impressive! Even more impressive, though, is the fact that the wood … was not wood at all. It was actually Styrofoam, which was painted to resemble wood. Ropes, chains, and flickering lanterns were added to complete the whole nautical look.


The narrative portion of the video required some extras — specifically, a sea captain, his shipmates, and their slave. We enlisted the cosmetic expertise of Bethany Montecalvo, an incredibly talented make-up artist in Pittsburgh, to dress our actors. She masterfully tattered and distressed the clothing of our characters, giving each of them a rugged appearance that was perfect for this video.

These scenes were all shot on the RED Epic because of its awe-inspiring cinematic quality and RAW recording format. Choosing this camera also gave us the flexibility of being able to shoot in slow motion at 120 FPS, so that speed ramps can be applied in the final edit. Several large tungsten lights were used to help realize director Alan’s vision for this project. He chose a variety of prime lenses, including a 50mm, 25mm, and the 15mm Zeiss CP.2. See for yourself the result of his optical decisions:


We had a blast rocking out with Secret Eyes and Craig Mabbitt during this shoot! There are still two more days of shooting lined up (including an underwater scene) before the video can be released… stay tuned!

BTS photo credit: Stephanie Wells

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