“Who I Want to Be”


We’re excited to be producing the first official music video for local Pittsburgh artist Nick Marzock.┬áDelivering acoustic pop with a blues flavor, Nick’s music falls squarely into a genre that can be appreciated by all ages. At only 23, it’s safe to say that his best performances are yet to come. Still, his accomplishments to date are nothing to sneeze at, having already opened for national acts like Taylor Swift, Sara Bareilles, Styx, DMB, and Flo Rida.

For this video, we chose to visually interpret one of Nick’s new singles, “Who I Want to Be”. It’s a song that follows Nick’s own journey towards musical stardom and the hardships that go with that pursuit. The lyrics talk about him wondering what the future holds — will he be the one in the spotlight or watching someone else instead? An acoustic version of the song can be heard here:

Production for this video is ongoing, but one of the more prominent scenes was recently completed under the directorial eye of Alan Jaskiewicz. It was shot at the Scottish Rite Cathedral in New Castle, PA, which turned out to be an amazing venue for this segment! With close to 2,800 seats and a beautifully ornate chandelier hanging from the ceiling, it was a very impressive setting for our shoot. As an added bonus, we discovered that this cathedral is actually where the term “rock and roll” was first coined by radio DJ Alan Freed… very cool!

Prior to rolling camera, our crew constructed a circular track on which a doorway dolly could arc around Nick. This gave us subtle movement which really augmented the main performance. For another shot, we used a Kessler Cineslider with the Oracle motion control system to set up a precisely repeatable slide.


Of course, lighting played a major role in the overall aesthetics too, with a few kinos and several lekos being strategically placed for lens flares. Some people might even say we were channeling our inner J.J. Abrams with all of the flares!


Expect the final video to be released before the end of the year. We still have several more days of shooting before the real fun with post-production can begin! In the mean time, be sure to see one of Nick’s shows if you live in the greater Pittsburgh area. With a set list that often includes a healthy mix of original songs and classic hits from the likes of Billy Joel and Eric Clapton, you won’t be disappointed!

BTS photo credit: Stephanie Wells

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