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We’re honored to partner with Application Verification as they work to establish themselves as a national leader in the background screening industry. Their new online ProVerify platform sets the standard for clients in need of screening services, and they guarantee the accuracy of the data reported. When it comes to vetting candidates, experience matters — and AV is second to none in this area.

323 was approached to produce a series of videos that speak to the quality and value of AV’s services from a customer’s perspective. We conducted video interviews with several individuals who use the collected information to make important decisions within their own companies. The first “client success story” will feature Gary Matson, Chief Administrative Officer for AAdvantage, Inc. AAdvantage is the parent company of several smaller entities which promote inclusion of developmentally challenged individuals in everyday life. We had the opportunity to visit their workshop in Washington, PA and interact with many of these people, and it was a truly rewarding experience.


Efficient. Effective. Affordable. These are just some of the words that were used repeatedly to describe Application Verification and its team of human resource professionals.

In producing these videos, we first needed to create an animated logo sequence that would introduce each testimonial. AV provided us with a high quality version of their logo, and we spiffed it up! Check it out:

The original .eps logo was first broken up into pieces using Photoshop, and each piece was then animated on using After Effects. The abstract “technology” background was also created in After Effects using the Trapcode Particular plugin. If we had to name our top 5 most used plug-ins for AE, Particular would be on that list. It’s such a versatile effect with countless applications. And that’s a fact that doesn’t need any verification.

Ba dum tishhh. I’ll be here all week.

We’re always available for logo animation work. If you have a logo that’s a bit stagnant and needs a little more oomph, contact us! We’ll help you out… unless your logo uses Comic Sans.

These videos are part of a large scale marketing effort for AV, which includes a brand new website as well. That website is scheduled to launch at the end of this week, and we’re excited to have been selected by AV to help shape their corporate image and target clients who could benefit from their services. We look forward to producing more success story videos for them… maybe the next one will be yours?

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