“Rise Up” – Alyssa Loughran Fitness Promo


They say nothing in this world has ever been accomplished without passion. Passion is the fabric of our lives. It’s what drives us to continue producing cinematic videos with high production value. And while it’s always been our goal to create videos that inspire others, sometimes we have the pleasure of working with people who inspire us.

Meet Alyssa Loughran: fitness model, actress, and all-around badass.

We met Alyssa through the incredibly talented Jeff Zoet, a photographer and digital compositor working in Pittsburgh. Jeff and Alyssa have done photo shoots together many times in the past, and the duo decided they wanted to try something a little more challenging. This presented us with a collaboration opportunity that simply couldn’t be passed up. We discussed the possibility of creating a grungy, dramatic fitness piece that Alyssa could use to promote herself. With just under 3 weeks of pre-production time, we first set out to find an appropriate location for the shoot.


Usually when we scout locations, we check out 3-4 places before settling on which one to use. For this shoot, we found the perfect spot after one stop! Amy Butteri at R.A.W. Fitness was super helpful and very accommodating to our needs. Her crossfit gym, located in Gibsonia, was exactly what we wanted — industrial, spacious, and loaded with equipment for Alyssa to use. And it wasn’t until we came back for a second scouting trip that we discovered the adjacent soccer field and ice rink in the same building. We were not only given full access to the grounds, but Amy had two of her assistants on hand to help us with anything we needed during the shoot. Truly, this place was amazing — we highly recommend Amy and her staff to anyone searching for a new place to work out.

With all the chips falling perfectly into place, we then asked ourselves: what could we add to this production that would make it even more awesome? Aerials? BOOM. Done.


John Beavers from 7Line Media is just a swell dude. And he’s a beast at building and flying helicopters equipped with cinema cameras. He woke up with us at 6am, Starbucks in hand, to come shoot sunrise aerials for this video at a scenic park in Greensburg called Twin Lakes. We really can’t say enough great things about John and his aerial prowess.

After we finished aerials, which were shot on a Canon C300, we went to R.A.W. for the core of the shoot. These interiors were all captured on the RED Epic in 5k resolution. In recent productions, we’ve come prepared with the entire gamut of lights, but we decided to go slim this time and see what could be achieved with less. Inside the gym, we used only two lights — a 1200w HMI par and a Kino — plus a Radiance haze machine. John also provided us with his handheld stabilizing gimbal, which really came in handy for the opening shots.


Please take note of Director Jeff’s Jurassic Park shirt. It rules.

We’re really excited to get this piece finished in the coming weeks. Special thanks to everyone mentioned above, plus DP Alan Jaskiewicz, Alex Byers, and our grip Eric Schwartzmiller. If you’re not already following us on Facebook and Twitter, be sure to do so! We’ll be posting more BTS photos of Alyssa soon … you won’t want to miss them! Until then, here’s an ungraded still straight from the camera:


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