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For the past several months, we’ve been working on a series of product videos promoting a total wellness supplement for pets called 1-TDC. Manufactured by Elite Science Vet, 1-TDC is marketed as the gold standard for maintaining joint, gum, and muscle health in both dogs and cats. And after interviewing a handful of veterinary dentists and agility competitors, we’ve become believers in its potency as well.

Knowing that 1-TDC has a broad demographic of people using it for various purposes, Elite Science approached us with the intention of creating separate videos for each of those audiences. We first set out to create a general consumer video that speaks to the product’s benefits for an everyday pet owner. Later, we would produce a second video targeting individuals who compete with their dogs in both national and world agility competitions.


After establishing that the video would be distributed online, we determined a high-energy video with bright graphics would best align with Elite Science’s overall marketing strategy. After Effects would no doubt be the primary discipline used for these videos, with live interviews being used in support of the energetic infographics. We wrote the script and immediately headed into the studio to record the voiceover.

323 has recently partnered up with Red Caiman Studios and moved its production office inside RCS’s space in downtown Pittsburgh. While we remain separate entities, the partnership allows us to collaborate more frequently on videos that need both high quality video and even higher quality audio. We basically became Voltron.

For this video, we turned to an experienced vocalist and good friend of ours, Nina Sainato, to record the narration. Her voice gave the video exactly what the client wanted, which was a serious but slightly upbeat vibe. We also brought a representative from Elite Science Vet into the studio to supervise the process. This kind of creative collaboration is what we want with all of our projects — as our client, we want your input and invite you to be as integrated in the process as you like.


Pictured above is our studio lounge area, from which recording sessions can be observed by our clients (through the window). We built animations to coincide with Nina’s narration and then promptly moved on to the live interviews to fill in the gaps. This leg of the project required a trip up to NYC to speak with a board certified veterinary dentist, Dr. Mary Buelow, who offered enthusiastic praise and endorsement for 1-TDC.

Spacial limitations served us our first real challenge working on this video. Dr. Buelow’s office was very small, and a quick survey of other locations showed us that this was our best and only option. We couldn’t conduct the interview anywhere else, as doing so would interfere with medical procedures being conducted. Despite coming equipped with several lights, we ended up only having room for one, so we went with a single Kino Celeb 200.


This light is incredible — a soft key light that is dimmable from 0-100% and has an adjustable knob for color temperature. Yes, it would have been great to have a small hair light and/or a side “kicker”, but we’re still pleased with what this one light was able to give us. Sometimes you have to work with your environment and accept that ideal scenarios aren’t always possible.

If you’re interested in seeing the finished product, it’s now live on our website. You can also see it directly on our Vimeo channel here.

Soon we’ll be releasing part two of Elite Science’s videos for agility dogs… stay tuned!

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