Girlfriend Experience Boudoir

branded content

Stephanie Wells has the distinction of being one of the coolest people I've met. And she is unquestionably one of the most badass. She heads up a boutique photography studio called The Girlfriend Experience Boudoir, which mostly caters to women who feel they're no longer "desired" or have grown increasingly critical of their own bodies. She is the queen of helping people re-discover their true worth through a camera lens. And with a personal motto like "Fuck Perfect", you can be assured THIS GIRL HAS OPINIONS and will never hesitate to let you know what they are!

This branded campaign of three videos was challenging because the word boudoir often comes pre-packaged with certain connotations. Whatever sort of work you expect to see from a boudoir photographer... is probably not what Steph delivers. So this series was delicately crafted to tell her story and give her frequently timid clients a preview of what to expect when booking a session.